Honin Myo and Hummus

June 3, 2011 § 3 Comments

Fresh Spring Vegetables

My how time flies.  No excuses, just a phrase: “honin myo.”  It’s a Buddhist term that means “from this moment forward” or “fresh start.”

That’s where I am at.  In my life, in my blog.

But let’s go back a bit – to my last post.  If you remember at the end of February and early March, my sister, Jennifer and I enjoyed luscious meals at three excellent restaurants for Denver Restaurant Week:  The Keg at Colorado Mills, Panzano in Denver and Alba in Boulder.  My taste for rich, decadent, animal-based foods, as well as fine wines and mixed drinks upsized.  So did my waistline.  As I result I began to feel lethargic and mildly depressed.  I blamed these symptoms on my frustration about not being able to find a full-time job.  For the past few months I have poured my energy into applying for jobs, building my website, networking and creating a pricing structure for my photo business.  But I wasn’t taking care of my body.  Or my blog.

About a week ago, Jim, Deanna and I saw an exciting documentary, Forks Over Knives.  It features Dr. T. Colin Campbell (nutritional scientist at Cornell University and author of The China Study) and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (a top surgeon and head of the Breast Cancer Task Force at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic).  Independently they found that many common diseases in the Western World (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers) were virtually non-existent in parts of the world where animal-based and heavily processed foods were rarely consumed.  Of course, I had already studied the similar work of Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Joel Fuhrman, so the conclusions presented in this documentary came as no surprise to me.  But seeing the film encouraged me to get my habits back into alignment with my beliefs instead of the deep ruts of my weakness.

The day after seeing Forks Over Knives I felt compelled to take a long walk – 10 miles round trip – to get my body moving again and to ponder my situation.  It must have oxygenated my blood because some of my energy returned, as well as a bit of optimism.  I decided to challenge myself to consume only plant-based, whole foods for the month of June and get some form of exercise each day.  Oh, and also to put the kibosh on the routine alcohol consumption.

So here I am at Day 3 of the one month challenge.  Already much more of my energy has returned, and as a result it’s much easier to get my daily exercise.  Yesterday we dusted off our bikes and drove around the sloping streets in our neighborhood.

To kickstart my body into weight loss, I have been eating lots of whole plant-based protein, raw green vegetables and some citrus fruit.  Tomorrow I will start a more balanced regimen, adding colorful and cooked vegetables, a wider variety of fruits, and three servings of whole grains or starchy vegetables a day.  This has worked very well for me in the past, and I am confident this will enable me get back to a healthy and comfortable weight.

Yesterday I was craving hummus to dip my raw vegetables into.  I didn’t want the store-bought hummus which usually has lots of added oil (one of the processed foods I am avoiding).  I looked online and found a recipe for hummus based on Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat Right America program.  Of course, I modified it to my own taste.  And it was INCREDIBLE!  So much better than anything I’ve picked up in a container at Costco.  Just sayin’.

I will post my modified, healthy hummus recipe.  It’s ridiculously easy and surprisingly delicious.

Glad to be back!  It’s good to begin again.


§ 3 Responses to Honin Myo and Hummus

  • Annette Kramer says:

    YEAH You!! I might decide to join you in the abstainance from vino. Don’t eat much meat..love the gym. But, need clearer better thoughts. 🙂 Love you Rayna. You go!!!!

  • ERIK-DUDE says:

    Hey Dude!
    Great to catch a glimpse of what is going on with you. The blog is lovely. Thank you for the “Knife over Fork” suggestion. I have been diggin the documentaries lately and this looks right up my alley.

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